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Don’t BARF! Understanding The Requirements And Open Loopholes In Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy Abuse Reform Fiasco, or BARF, is a set of guidelines similar to the Internal Revenue Code to establish, in detail, rules for bankruptcy that also open loopholes. One provision of BARF is that it allows the court to dismiss a Chapter 7 case even if you pass the means test, but only if it is suspected that you are abusing the bankruptcy system in some way. For this reason, it’s important that you understand what is allowed and not allowed under BARF regulations and the loopholes. BARF Requirements BARF does have certain...

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Negotiate Financial Stability Through Injury Settlements

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If you are suffering from an injury due to someone else’s negligence, a settlement for a specific cash amount may not always be in your best interests. Hidden costs, unplanned life events or changes in legal standing can make a cash settlement a mere drop in the bucket of greater obligations, especially when you have a loss of income due to your injury. A few negotiation angles can help you plan for a better lifestyle even if the settlement money runs out. Evaluate Your Income Situation Unless the settlement amount is well over a...

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